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Boxy Charm

In today’s world of social media, a brand’s online presence and the content they generate is essential. How they choose to engage with their followers, viewers, and subscribers definitely has an impact on the brand overall.  In the case of Boxy Charm, we were there from the beginning. We were able to see the company’s growth from inception and how their content had an effect on that growth.

Creating a cohesive campaign that is original adds to the authenticity  of a brand. It gives the brand  personality. Once we realized the amount of content that was needed per campaign, structure was important. We would map out the campaign and create a schedule that allowed us to be time efficient.

As video content became more accessible we saw the value it would have for a subscription service company. We implemented the use of video and tutorials, which generated more engagement among followers and viewers.

One example is  the successful launch of “Behind The Box”. We created a monthly video showcasing the process of curating  the Boxy Charm Box. This series gave Boxy Charm subscribers an inside look, making them feel a part of the process. Viewers got to meet the people behind the box, giving them a voice. It gave the brand a more personal feel and created more brand loyalty.

Overall each campaign created more brand awareness, resonating with consumers through strategic marketing tactics.